One is purple and round with 30 on one side and M on the other. There are so many factors in this question that the simple answer is yes it can kill you, 99.99 percent chance that it won’t though. Generic Name Morphine Sulfate Imprint Code M 30 / P F Description purple, round tablet Little Purple Pill; MS Contin 30mg +smoking. This pill may be MS CONTIN 30 MG, though the shape is round, not oval.

Morphine 30 Mg is purple with ABG imprinted on it. round purple ABG 30 I found thiss pill in my car I located the pill you have to be a Morphine Controlled-Release Tablet (Morphine sulfate SR 30 mg). ABG 30 Strength(s): 30 mg: Color: Purple: Size: N/A: Shape: Round: Availability: I have a question about two morphine 30mg pills.
If your a drug abuser and find a way to

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